OnePlus concept one

OnePlus concept one price in India

OnePlus concept one

OnePlus concept one

OnePlus concept one price in India, Smartphone first-time presence the latest concept OnePlus concept one showcase in CES 2020. Partnering with a McLaren, Here they have used a new kind of glass for rear cameras to hide it called as the thinnest electrochromic glass. It works in 0.7 seconds with another feature as included here is ND8 filter OnePlus concept one -smartphone based on OnePlus 7T pro.

Also here is a special PVD coated aluminum frame which is used for a first-time in OnePlus phone with a gold finish.

McLaren and used leather as orange color and also glass the recent update, they haven’t mentioned launch date and cost of phone, but we hope future OnePlus phones come with same electronic CMF (color, material, finish) technology, OnePlus Concept One uses the same invisible technology that you have seen on a Boeing jet.

Thinnest Electrochromic Glass

 The Invisible Camera Technology
 OnePlus will be using a thinnest electrochromic glass for the invisible   camera technology. So, Here there is no old pop-up technology on the rear   camera, OnePlus will  be simply used a thinnest electrochromic glass the   invisible camera.

OnePlus actually took inspiration from McLaren’s car

which uses technology in its sunroofs, but a simple electrochromic glass that doesn’t need any mechanical parts.

The new technology will make the camera actually invisible,

Whatever you are doing on the phone the camera is hidden until you launch the camera application, This neutral density filter is no Enya’s useful on a phone as it is on a DSLR camera.

OnePlus concept one

One of the main cases would be when we are taking photos in daylight conditions, And we can restrict the lens for a wide aperture neutral density filter.

But when we shot on a smartphone we can’t change the lens but with the help of camera software can more often not automatically correct for over exposure.

OnePlus concept one pricing in India,

Maybe not similar such as too old devices prices because of the use of technology can make future OnePlus smartphones are more expensive as present models price starts from 34000 in Indian rupees.


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